Rain City Redemption Episode One

Ever since the beginning, one of the most common requests regarding the series was HD quality. When the series was started roughly five years ago, these videos were being made on a 13" Macbook Pro. It might go without saying, but the computer was completely unable to render hi-def video at an efficient rate. Fortunately the pains and headaches of rendering long length videos on a standard Macbook are now in the past. Thanks to the many contributors to series, working with HD video is now possible. It was first used in the last episode (The Rain City Miracle) and will be used for every future video from here on out - which brings me to the current project.









When looking at the series as a whole, there are some clear differences among episodes from a quality standpoint. For the sake of consistency, I think it's important that every episode is on the same level of quality in both definition and editing. That being said, I've begun remastering the older episodes starting with Episode One. So far its been great going back over the first episode and touching up areas that needed improvement. Believe me when I say, the difference is night and day and I cannot wait to share it with you all.

I will continue to post updates as I go on both the Facebook page and my Twitter account. Thank you all for your continued support and Go Hawks! 

-William Cornell 



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